A Christian Support Group
Meets: Thursday nights at 6:45pm
Room 117


Kathy Freeman, Facilitator 

This special support group offers encouragement, information, and sharing

for those faced with marital separation, in the process of divorcing, and those already divorced.

 Support is private and confidential.

(Book purchase required.)


Do I have to be divorced to attend DivorceCare? If my husband/wife and I are separated, can I attend?
DivorceCare is helpful for those that are either separated or divorced.


What happens during a typical meeting?
During a meeting we will have an ice breaker type of question and then talk about any events from the past week that may have come up or questions/observations you may have. After that, we’ll watch the week’s video and then have discussion about the video.


Do I have to talk during the first meeting?
No, you don’t have to talk. You are welcome to join the conversation whenever you feel comfortable doing so. While you don’t have to talk, you’ll find that when you do, your healing process will really take off!


Is DivorceCare counseling?
No, DivorceCare is not counseling. Facilitators are there to encourage conversation by introducing topics, encouraging participation, and managing the dynamics of the group. If you are currently seeing a counselor, we encourage you to continue. You’ll be amazed at the healing that takes place by sharing experiences with people in situations similar to yours!


What about confidentiality?
At each meeting, we review the fact that confidentiality is very important. Names of others in the group are not to be shared outside the group. The only time that confidentiality may knowingly be set aside is if we feel that someone may be in danger.


Are there other guidelines?
Besides confidentiality, the other important rule is respect. You are asked to be respectful of others in the group (contribute as well as remembering that others will want to contribute too), of your ex (be honest but don’t bash) and of yourself (be honest but don’t bash!).


Do I have to write in the workbook?
You don’t have to write in the workbook but we encourage you to take notes during the video. Each lesson is outlined in the workbook with plenty of room for notes and thoughts. Your notes will be very helpful when you refer back to the lessons. And like talking during a meeting, taking notes will help you on the path to healing.


I have kids and need to get home at a certain time – is that ok?
Yes – you are free to leave whenever you need to. We hope you can stay for most of the meeting though.


What should I do if I can’t come to one of the sessions?
It’s ok to miss one since each lesson is independent – but you will get the most benefit if you can attend all sessions.


If I miss a class, can I see the DVD at another time?
Check with the facilitators on this. Sometimes it can be arranged for the DVD to be shown at an alternate time. Another option is to attend that week in the next group session series.


What if my ex (or soon to be ex) signs up for the same session?
Both partners from the marriage may not attend the same session. If you are concerned that your spouse may register, please let us know. You can do this by contacting the facilitator, Kathy at 386-233-0998. The one that signs up first gets to attend. The 2nd one may attend the next time or we’ll be glad to help find another group in the area.


I enjoyed the classes a lot, but I think it would help if I went through DivorceCare again. Is that permitted?
Absolutely! Many people find that they hear things they missed the first time through because they are in a different place emotionally.


I have a question that isn’t addressed here but is important. What can I do?
Feel free to call Kathy at 386-233-0998.