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How Do I Give?

Whether it’s in the Sunday morning offering plate or through an online contribution, you may choose from multiple giving options.


On Sundays, you may place a check or cash in the offering plate when it is passed during worship.  Use the envelopes found in the pews and red attendance books.


Mail or drop off your check at the Ministry Office: Covenant United Methodist Church, 3701 S. Clyde Morris Blvd., Port Orange, FL 32129.  Some members find it most convenient to write a check to the church monthly, as they write checks for monthly bills.  Payments using an online bill paying service should be sent to this address as well. 


Consider electronic funds transfer from your checking account for a convenient method of recurring contributions.  This method saves time, postage and check charges, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring your contribution on Sunday.  And so you don't feel left out, located in the pews are cards that you may place in the offering plate that state, "I'm an E-Giver".   To set up recurring contributions electronically, fill out this Authorization Agreement, attach a voided check, and mail or drop off to Elaine Kinion in the Office.  You can select the transfer to occur semimonthly or monthly each month.  If the normal transfer day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, it will occur on the following business day.  At any time you desire, you may change or cancel your authorization.


Use a debit or credit card to give online here.  The debit or credit card information is processed through an electronic gateway service using encryption and other security methods to protect your financial information.  Please note that the church must pay a small processing fee to receive your contribution this way.


Year-end contribution statements will be provided to you as a record of your giving.  If you have any questions, contact Elaine Kinion, 386.767.8544 ext. 102.

How Much Do I Give?

That’s between you and God. While we never tell anyone how much to give, we lift up the Biblical pattern of tithing, giving the first 10 percent of our income to God, as a practical discipline for spiritual growth. (Malachi 3:6-10) Some people begin with a smaller percentage and grow into the 10 percent tithe. Others feel God calling them to give beyond the 10 percent tithe as their faith and discipleship continue to grow. Everyone is challenged to “take the next step” in their giving.

Should My Tithe be Based on My Gross or Net Income?

Everyone must seek God’s direction in their giving decisions. Traditional interpretations indicate the biblical tithe represents the “first fruits” of our income. By giving before the costs of housing, transportation, taxes and other expenses, we honor the principle that God owns everything. We can joyfully trust God to allow us to live fully on the other 90 percent.

Is My Salvation Determined by My Level of Giving?

No. We are saved by God’s grace, as a free gift accepted by faith. But living into that salvation—what we call the Discipleship Pathway—includes learning to use the gifts God gives us, so that God can use our gifts to work His salvation in the world.

Am I Still Welcome if I Do Not Tithe?

Absolutely! No one is ever asked how much they give. Tithing is always a personal, spiritual discipline.

Where Does My Money Go?

Your gifts to Covenant UMC help the church equip, prepare, and send disciples to share the love of Christ with others–both in this community and around the world. Contributions help pay for our gathering place for all of us to worship, learn, and grow together–and help our church family to live out the Great Commission, "Go make disciples of all nations".  


Your giving to Covenant UMC furthers our mission through many channels. It underwrites the ministries, operation, and maintenance of our local congregation. This includes upkeep and maintenance of our facilities for worship and ministries serving our youth and adults and local outreach programs, staff salaries, and mission projects (locally, nationally and globally) specifically chosen by our local church leadership.

Does the Church Only Want My Money?

No! We encourage every disciple of Jesus to find the place to serve that matches their spiritual gifts, talents and passion.  If you’d like to talk with someone about finding your place to serve, contact Pastor BJ Foster, 386.767.8544, ext. 111.

Who Sees My Giving Information?

Information on pledges and giving is a sacred trust that is held in confidence in the Financial office with periodic reports to the Senior Pastor.

What Forms of Non-Cash Contributions May I Give to Covenant UMC?

Non-cash contributions may include:

● Publicly Traded Securities
● Closely-Held Stock
● Personal Property
● Real Estate
● Gifts-in-Kind
● Paid Insurance Policies
● Charitable Lead Trusts
● Deferred Gifts

For more information on any of these ways to give, contact Elaine Kinion 386.767.8544, ext. 102. You should always consult with your own tax advisor as to the tax-deductibility of gifts in your particular situation.

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